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deputy you make some good points. Even an ER Doctor without much weapons knowledge knows and will confirm when asked that most victims of 44 wounds die on the table. Also, it is undeniable that bullet design makes a difference(hollowpoints as an example)

that being said, saying +P ammo is irrelevant or doesn't make a difference is in fact an incorrect statement. Sometimes depending on the particular situation maybe the difference is considered negligable, but not every will wear out the weapon quicker, but as long as you are not firing that round all the time it can help in a HD/SD situation.

I use the +P hollowpoint old cia/fbi rounds for my 38derringer and do not plan on changing that based on your opinion. the round will eventually cause issues with my firearm if I shoot it a lot(which I don't), but of course it is always fire ready. At any rate, I feel more comfortable with this round as I usually have 357s(44mag rifle), and the 38 derringer saturday night special is my backup gun and NY reload
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