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Shot a gun for the first time!

OK, so here's the deal. I turned 42 on July 4th, and until that day, I had never shot any gun of any kind other than a BB gun, and that does not count.

We went to a picnic at a friend's house. He has 7 acres of land backing up to power lines that gives him a total of 370 acres.

Anyway, we go every year, and there is always a shooting range set up away from the picnic (obviously). In past years, I have always watched, feelign that I did not need to shoot. This year, the guy that set everything up asked me if I wanted to shoot. I figured I would give it a shot (pun intended).

Started off with a Ruger P95 9mm handgun. For never having shot, I did okay (from what they told me), hitting in the outer circle of the target 9 of the 11 shots, and 4 of those were within the middle circle, which I guess was okay.

Anyway, from there moved to a Sig Sauer .45 cal handgun. More kick but still manageable, and I liked the weight and feel of that pistol.

After that the real fun started. Went to a .45 cal carbine rifle, then to an AK rifle.

So after all this, I am toying with the idea of a handgun for sport shooting. Just for fun. I am guessing 9mm will be less expensive (ammo wise) than larger caliber rounds.

Having never though about this before, what else should I consider? I don't plan on carrying a weapon, just ging shooting with friends, but you never know if that might change

This is all new teritory for me, LOL

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