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It doesnt make it the best but it does make a better point then trying to use old west graveyards to make a point for large bores. You do alot of dancing around on points your trying to make. Alot do arm themselves with those rounds listed and I wouldnt tell anyone not to arm themselves with what they could because my personal opinion views it as not the best. You choose .44 magnum but choose not to load it to its potential. Is that ideal? Not to me but it is to you. I never claimed that the .38 Special was the BEST SD cartridge. I dont think there is a best. All good calibers have their positives and negatives.. You exactly stated a point that is valid. With the numbers of .38 and .357 revolvers STILL IN PRODUCTION. If they were not a good SD option they would not still be holding their own among a massive auto loader market. How's the .44 Special doing these days?
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