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Your long range dream rifle.
I have wanted a Barrett MRAD in .338 Lapua Mag since the day they came out with a Leupold Mk 4 scope to get out to 1000 yards with accuracy. I consider that my long range dream rifle. What would be yours? (If you own one already, what is it?)

Note: Im talking 1000+ Yards here
CAUTION: The following post includes loading data beyond currently published maximums for this cartridge. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Neither the writer, The Firing Line, nor the staff of TFL assume any liability for any damage or injury resulting from use of this information.

I want to use Quickload and Quicktarget and my hunting and practicing experiences to compare the 338 and 7mmRM cartridges.
8 moa elevation adjustment for a big game hunting shot is the limit.
1800 fps minimum for good bullet expansion.
10 pounds rifle weight is the threshold of too heavy.
Independent variables:
70,000 psi peak pressure
scope 2" above barrel bore
barrel 26" long
Pick best Hodgdon extreme powder
200 yard zero
338s use 250 gr Nosler Partition Gold boat tail bullets
7mm use 150 gr Nosler Ballistic tip boat tail bullets
Dependent variables
338 Lapua Mag 90.3 gr H4381sc 2945 fps, 515 yards down 8moa, 647 yards 1800 fps
338 Rem Ultra 89.2 gr H4381sc, 2901 fps, 507 yards down 8 moa, 625 yards 1800 fps
338 Winche Mag 69.4 gr H4350, 2773 fps, 492 yards down 8moa, 560 yards 1800 fps
7mmRem Mag 70.3 gr H4381sc, 3250 fps, 582 yards down 8moa, 822 yards 1800 fps
Discussion and analysis:
I can get good accuracy with the 7mmRemMag at 10 pounds rifle, scope, bipod, and ammo when shooting 150 gr.
The 338s should do as well at 16.7 pounds when shooting 250 gr.
Maybe the 338s do not need to be that heavy, because they do not need to be as accurate, because they can not shoot as far.
I will not hunt long range with my 338s.
I will instead hunt long range with my 7mmRM rifles.
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