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hmm, i was just thinking and ive come up with another idea for the reposition of a recoil spring... would it be possible to reuse the "hole" in the back of the upper receiver within the rail, the part of which the key for the direct impingement travels along to contain the recoil spring?

perhaps use a block that could fit where the head of the charging handle used to be, and be held in place with some sort of a detent and design a new key that could hold the spring and a telescoping guide rod as well...

what i would do for the piece that replaced the charging handle head, is put a spring loaded button on each side the user could simply squeeze together to release from a ledge machined into the receiver to remove the new guide rod and spring assembly which would allow me to remove the rear section of the carrier, install the side charging handle, and still use my choice of gas system (direct impinged, short recoil, or long recoil...

hmm... i think this what id like to try first, to see how it works, see where the wear and tear will rear its head
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