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Themilitary failures were NOT with the .38 Special and the multiple torso hits were with a LRN projectile going very slow. That is my point about Marshal and Sanow. Unless you have gone first hand and seen all handgun wound effects you cant really debunk any caliber. The .38 Special rode in holsters longer then anything else. Most did not train with .38's and then load .357's because most just carried .38's. How ever many people were killed in the old west doesnt have any merit here for a number of reasons. Biggest IMO is because thats what was available then. There were no 9mm's, .357 Magnums, .357 Sigs, .40 S&W, 10mm. To speak of modern bullet design but then speak of old west lethality is kind of confusing?

I will not use the time machine I will instead use historical production figures.
9mm Luger= Constant production since 1902
.38 Special= Constant production since 1899
.357 Magnum= Constant production since 1934

If there were any problem with these cartridges they would not have stayed in production this length of time and still be as widely used as they are. Every handgun bullet has failed at one time or another. The progression of ammo and powder charge does not mean that a round because it has changed from it original loading is obselete or not a good SD round. .45 Colt, 44/40, .44 Special, .44 Russian and so on have not gained more usage these days because in fact compared to todays calibers and loadings these would be more considered obselete. Good rounds sure. Better then what is available now No. The .38 Special rode in police holsters for more then 70 years. During that time there were more powerful alternatives but the .38 Special still held strong.
I would also add that all I have ever seenshot with a .44 Magnum have been game animals. That being said I saw a big boar shot with a .44 Magnum drop and get right back up and tree the shooter gashing his calf open in the process.
I have seen a bigger hot shot with a 10mm with similar shot placement and drop on spot and not get back up. The variables are to big.
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