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Soviet-refinished WWII Star pistols?

Howdy all,

At the risk of letting the cat out of the bag, AIM Surplus is advertising WWII Bulgarian-contract Star Model B pistols for $399/ea + $10 hand select. Catch is, they are Soviet (Russian) capture guns that were refinished postwar.

I've been thinking about getting a Star pistol for a while, but I'm a little nervous about getting a Soviet capture pistol because (a) it's refinished and (b) the Soviets famously liked to mix-and-match parts from different guns during this process, which sometimes results in improper functioning, particularly on a design that requires some degree of hand fitment.

I would be buying this pistol as an occasional fun shooter that has some degree of collector value, NOT because I see this as an investment, or because I specifically "Must Have" a Bulgarian or Nazi WWII Star. That being said, perhaps I would be better off with one of the generic and commonplace $250-$300 vintage C&R Euro police trade-ins that have all-original matching parts BUT lack the pedigree.

What are everyone's thoughts? Feel free to share random vintage Star purchase stories and pictures.
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