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"If you want to go off real world experience based off numbers the .44 Magnum doesnt do as well as others at O.S.S. which unless you have been out shooting alot of people with different guns is most of what you have to go on. A big slow bullet is no more lethal then a lighter fast moving bullet. I would say a 125 grain .357 Magnum JHP has proven that without arguement."

Let me take you back in the Peabody Wayback machine to the days of the Old West. Or if you prefer, to the cemetaries in the Old West. Now count how many graves are occupied by folks who were shot with the .44/40 and .45 Long Colt. Quite a few. Those bullets were zipping along at pretty much the same velocity as the .44 Special. Now move up to WW1 and later to guys hit by the .45ACP. Funny thing, but there were no complaints from users of the 1911A1 of the round not doing it's job.

Now move to the police departments who were using the .38 Special in ANY loading, since the military pretty much abandoned the caliber for most uses.
LOTS of complaints back then of it not doing it's job after multiple solid torso hits. The .357 Magnum was supposed to be the savior of the .38 Special, but the police trained on .38 Wadcutters and carried the .357 magnum loads. Bad idea. The difference in recoil and muzzle flash was so great that after the first shot the cop was pretty much blinded and useless. Plus the only really good performance was with the 125 grain bullet.

I don't know what "real world" numbers you are using to complain about the .44 Magnum, but I think the names Marshall and Sanow may be the culprits. ALL of their findings have been debunked. The only reason they scored the .357 Magnum so high is because there were more shootings with it than any other caliber AT THE TIME. So the data is skewed. Plus they were reportedly connected to Cor-Bon. So they made sure the "numbers" came out to benefit Cor-Bon. Now that .40 S&W has become the caliber of choice for most PDs and civilians, I expect it's numbers to far exceed the .357 Magnum. Plus it's a much more controllable loading.
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