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DEPUTY276 it seems more like if it isnt .44 Special or .44 Magnum it isnt lethal coming out more than anything else. I havent really seen a valid point on what .38 Special can and cant do or modern bullet designs or the 5.56 round or to much of anything else yet. If you want to go off real world experience based off numbers the .44 Magnum doesnt do as well as others at O.S.S. which unless you have been out shooting alot of people with different guns is most of what you have to go on. A big slow bullet is no more lethal then a lighter fast moving bullet. I would say a 125 grain .357 Magnum JHP has proven that without arguement. The fact that .38 Special has been in constant production for 113 years and is extremely popular has no merit? The fact that the .44 Special has never been as successful is just bad luck? The fact that the U.S. Military uses the 5.56 means its ineffective and they have no interest in giving their soldiers an effective weapon? I would say the 5.56 has dispatched more then enough enemy soldiers to prove that it is highly lethal.

I will share real world experience. We trap feral hogs and at times use different guns and ammo combinations to finish them. I had a Charter Bulldog loaded with 200 grain Winchester Silver Tip's. Head shot shot went in right above the ear went through the brain and hit the skull on the other side and stopped. This was a shot from around 2 feet. Hog weighed 300 lbs. Another time finish shot was given with a Ruger SP 101 loaded with Buffalo Bore 158 grain LSWCHP +P delivered to almost the same spot on the head. Bullet entered breaking the skull, passed through the brain, clipped the top of the jaw bone shattering it, shattering about a 3 inch wide circle of skull and exited the other side. This shot was delivered at just about an identical distance and identical shot placement. The .44 Special did mushroom rather large but it did not completely penetrate. The .38 Special did mushroom,by evidence in the wound path, and still perforated the skul after hitting multiple spots of heavy bone.

Point being that just because you prefer big bore bullets doesnt mean you should dismiss the others. If you load your gun with reduced power .44 Magnums then wouldnt that in effect be the same thing as a .44 Special +P? I dont understand all the attempted points at modern bullet hollow point ammunition from someone who chooses a hard cast flat nose bullet for HD/SD. Again not trying to be overly argumentative or rude but I keep missing your points apparently.
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