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Unbelievalbe It could happen to you

Professionals at every level of every sport make mistakes and injure themselves all the time. This could happen to anyone.

Made me think about the location of the first aid kit in the truck. Sure the truck is only a short walk from the firing line but still it would burn 45 seconds at least. I did notice that Rob touched the wound without gloves as well. In the end I think this and videos like it are a great reminder. I just walked outside dug through the tool box and put my first aid kit back on top where it should be. If nothing else take that away from it.

I would like to raise another point regarding communication. The great state of VT is known for its hit or miss cell phone coverage. Where it is wall to wall one second may be non existant the next. I think the reality is that we need to be equipped to deal with an emergency and transport if needed at least to a point where Cell service is achievable.

Regards, Vermonter

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