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AR-15 buffer tubeless upper and side charging, is it possible?

hey everyone.. i was wondering if its at all possible with any amount of after market modifications?.. for side-charging, the LAR upper seems to do the trick, so i would just find an AR-15 upper without forward assist to modify into a side charger with a carrier that lacked the the cuts for the forward assist and put that together myself...

so about the removal of a buffer tube, obviously, the AR-15s carrier is very long, is there a particular reason for this? could the back end of the carrier not be removed and the remainting carrier be bored on the sides for the installation of two recoil springs (so to not get in the way of the hammer).. or perhaps a new one machined that has a shorter gap for the hammer?

another option ive seen on an AR-15 pistol that was successful, is they had a long-stroke gas piston installed with the recoil spring installed over the piston rod itself, exactly like the one used on the sig-556, so i KNOW its possible to remove the buffer tube, and it is in fact the long-stroke system that makes the AK, SIG, and M14s as bullet proof reliable as they are...

so?.. any ideas or suggestions?
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