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Whoops, just saw this. I've been hanging out mostly in the handgun forum.

I'm a DFW resident (Dallas/Fort Worth) who hasn't been shooting in over 10 years. I just purchased a Magnum Research Jericho/Uzi Eagle/Desert Eagle Pistol/Baby Eagle (Make up your damn mind IMI!) in .45 ACP and planning on getting a few more firearms. I've also inherited an over-under, a piece of crap single shot .22, and a very sweet Marlin 30-30 but have fired none of them yet.

I've owned a Ruger P89, a S&W 22A, an SKS, and a pistol gripped 12ga. but I can't remember the make anymore. I wish I still had the Ruger and the SKS.

Things have changed a lot in Texas in the last 10 years. For one thing, it is a lot easier to buy a gun then it used to be. I'm also glad to see the ridiculous 10 rd. limit expired.

I'm a bit of a prepper but not building an underground bunker or anything. I'm trying to get into the mindset of "plan for the worst and hope for the best". I'd been doing plenty of the latter without any of the former. Part of the motivation behind the firearm purchases is to be ready for anything. I'm not about to go hardcore survivalist though. I enjoy my suburban lifestyle a little too much.
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