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I had forgotten that there isn't a current 77/22 model that has iron sights. Quite depressing, really. My own 77/22 doesn't have them, either. More than a few times, I've considered having a gunsmith dovetail the barrel for sights.

From what I have heard, the Marlin rimfire bolt guns haven't really been affected by the transition to Remington. That does make sense, based on the simple action design, and (excessive?) use of stamped and cast parts. There isn't much to screw up on them. So, if issues did arise, they would be easier to correct in a timely manner.

The Marlins are nowhere near as refined as the 77/22. You could easily call them "cheap", but it's just a simplistic action design. They're still good rifles. The Marlin magazines are also easier to load, don't have as many sharp corners or edges, and don't look cheap like the Savage magazines.
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