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Superb post! Thank you!

OK, so I've done some initial reading and punched in some over the top numbers to allow for a margin of error on my part!!

Have a look at my understanding of what the specs mean and see if you agree....

I looked at one trajectory chart and it only went out to 500yds despite claiming to be for 1000 yds ().

Anyway, their data spoke of a 56" drop at 500 yds, so this means 56/5 (if 1MOA is 1" @ 100yds) giving 11.2 MOA at 500 yards.
Another link to this very forum talks about 369" of drop @1000yds based on a 300yd zero, so that would require 37 MOA.
The Burris XTR scope (although "only" up to 12x mag, has the best objective lens diameter) has a max adjustment of 90" @ 100 yards.

So, if I understand correctly that is 90 MOA of adjustment on tap.
Presumably this means 45" up and 45" down from centre.

It follows, therefore, that the Burris XTR, at 500yds is ample and doable at 1000. 1000 is a teeny-weeny bit ambitious but at least I know I'd the limiting factor and not my gear!!

Is this correct or have I missed something?
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