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I have not read most of the responses.
My answer,Why not women only classes?.
Via whatever path that works,Thank God for Dangerous Women!!

I get the idea she wants to be left alone,so lets not mention her name,but I know of an incident where a killer with an AR and a whole lot of ammo and a 9mm entered a full church shooting and killing.
This woman headed with her handgun to the sound of the shooting and put him down.

Seems like a woman had something to do with stopping the killing at Ft Hood.

Look up Silver Star Sgt Hester.Something about a heroic response to an ambush.
I'd a heck of a lot rather hear of a woman who stopped an attacker than of another murder or rape or abduction story.

If a woman would prefer to be taught by women,fine by me.

A number of very good reasons have been listed.

Welcome all,to polite society

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