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Very new to guns

Hello Everyone:

my name is Lisa and i live in Hamilton NJ, and in the middle to end of Aug, a friend and i are going to be taking a course for home defense, with Handguns, i would do it sooner but as i explained to the trainer i am planning a party for my husband and it had to do with cost.

The cost of the course is 145.00 which i do not think is bad at all please let me know what you think?

well i have been doing alot of research about handguns and even went to a local place and handled 3 semi auto, 2 bretta and a S&W all 9 mm one was a standard which i liked and the second one was ok but did not like the smallest one at all for some reason, and maybe because i keep thinking that it will have a bigger kick back then a heavy handgun? please tell me if i am wrong on that.

I have watched I tube and diffrent things on the internet and signed up for 3 diffrent forums.

I have been told sense it is my first one it should be a revolver but on the other hand others have told be it is all up to me and how it feels etc. when i did stop in this store the guy behind the counter did not bring out a revolver however i read about a few of them.

now i know like everthing you can not go with the cheapest as you get what you pay for at times, and also not looking to break the bank, I also want something that i will be able to use at the range also without using ammo that is really high in price for practice.

.hope you understand i am not looking to get away with things being cheap, keep in mind i am a dog trainer/ behaviorist and used to show dogs which is not cheap and i have 2 parrots with 5 dogs all in the sporting group and are bred to hunt.

i really need to get off now catch you at a later date

Lisa- hamilton NJ- Mercer county

[Lisa, you might want to take this to the main General Discussion forum for participation and responses. This thread is for intros only. - Bud]

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