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I have been an NRA certified instructor in Pistol and Refuse To Be A Victim for almost 2 years. I'm still learning how to be an effective instructor and am constantly working to improve and refine my skills and techniques.

I've had two classes that were female only. Each had 3 students and allowed me to give personal, one on one instruction. I echo many of the comments, experiences and observations expressed thus far in this thread concerning the differences between male and female students. Namely the fact that women don't bring the "macho" attitude that they already know it all because they've been handling guns since they were six when grandpa took him squirrel hunting. I am working to expand my women only classes because I feel there is a real need in my area and, frankly, I enjoy them better as students and find them eager and willing to learn.

And Pax, without patronizing you, I always direct any female that makes contact with me concerning possibly taking training to your Cornered Cat website. Count me as one of your devoted followers. You are one of my valuable resources in my quest to be a better firearms instructor.
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