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Another scope question. CF rifle scope choices.

I'm trying to gauge how good this deal is...

I am thinking of getting a centrefire rifle. More than likely in .308. I want to learn long range shooting. I will be fitting a scope.

I see no reason not to get the scope first if a good one turns up.
The shop I bought my rimfire Nikon and reloading gear from in the UK is advertising some Burris scopes as Clearance Stock.

They range from £400 to £450 and are the following:

BURRIS XTREME XTR 3-12X50 Illuminated Mildot (my preference)
Burris Signature 4-16x44
Burris Signature 6-24x44

These are in the UK and therefore in GBP.

I want to get a good deal.
I don't want to spend a lot unecessarily, but nor do I want to rush out and buy a scope unless the saving is particularly advantageous given that it may not see a rifle rail for some months!!

So, by comparison, here are some of the scope I could get for similar money, when converted into €.

For €450-545 I can get:
Delta Titanium 8x56
Delta Titanium 2.5-10x50
Delta Titanium 2.5-16x50
Delta Titanium 2.5-10x56
Meopta Artemis 7 x 50

The Burris XTR looks great, and I'm sure it is a great scope, but if the others listed are just as good, despite slightly different specs, I need not rush out and buy the Burris given that the others are at regular prices, not limited special offers...

If it is as good and is well priced, I'll take the plunge and get it... It'll just postpone my actual rifle purchase...

Thoughts? Opinions?
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