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At this point it is a moot issue. Whether it was your attempt to be humorous or a reaction to being traumatized over the incident with Scout, I'm still dissatisfied with the customer service provided.

I'm not insensitive to you circumstance, I myself have two four legged furry kids of my own and have experienced my sense of humor being misunderstood.

My decision is based on the fact that my request was not for a "very eloquent combination of finishes" as you have stated. My request is clearly stated in my initial e-mail. Put simply it was nothing more than having the lower of the pistol in black duracoat while the other components that would normally be assembled separately onto the lower remain in the original factory finish.

Also, your responses to me don't seem isolated or a one time issue. One misunderstood response is possible, fact is you were given a few chances to clarify your intent and to earn a sale.

Lastly it's made more obvious by your elaborate response and a public forum while sending an incredibly simplified response via e-mail.
RE: RE: RE: contact page?
FROM Dave Neville
TO 'Cynthia Mendez'
Thursday, July 5, 2012 11:19 AM

Thank you.

David Neville
Coonan Inc.
2033 105th Ave N.E.
Blaine, MN 55449

There are no hard feelings, and no animosity for you or your company. I simply choose not to spend $1,500 on a purchase that I am now unsure of and that has been such an issue before even being made.

As said Prior, I wish you luck and hope for a speedy recovery for Scout.
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