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My dog was hit by a truck and I watched her do the death crawl to the side of the road. After a couple days of vets and hospitals and no sleep we brought her home. After making her comfortable I ran into the office to respond to customer requests. I responded to this request for a very eloquent combination of finishes. ( We will have a sample of this at NRA)

We all read how horrible I handled that exchange.

This is not an excuse but merely some insight as to the state of exhaustion I was experiencing. To those customers that think this is normal or what they can expect, please be assured I hope it would not repeat itself.

Thank you for accepting my apology, as you can imagine this was the worst 4th of July ever for me.

Dave Neville

PS. Scout is doing better everyday and expected her to make a full recovery. It breaks my heart every time she coughs though. The vet said that will improve.
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