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Just practice basic gun handling: Drawing, holstering, reloading, etc, without pointing the gun at anything you are not supposed to and keeping your trigger finger indexed outside the trigger guard until the sights are on the target. Get so you can reholster one handed, without looking/rooting around for the opening of the holster. Practice drawing and presenting the pistol and finding the front sight. All of the above can be done at home, dry firing.

Most practical CHP exams are not difficult or even timed. I retook my Nebraska CHP class recently, and of out the 24 students in the class, I doubt if there were more than 6 misses through the entire course of fire. The biggest problem my fellow students had was reholstering, and it was obvious that many of them had never actually worn any holster, let alone drilled with the one they intended to carry their gun in.
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