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If your focus is squirrel, and accuracy, I can say high velocity 22 ammo may not be as accurate as you want. Standard velocity can be very precise with repeatable pinpoint accuracy in many cases. I began using a Marlin 22 bolt action for my silhouette shooting because that rifle was a "one hole wonder" at perhaps 40 and 60 meters. But it fell apart at 77 and 100 meters. If you get a Marlin bolt action 22 and spend some time testing about 20 ammo brands or so at the distance of your interest, I would think you'd come up with a winning combo. The most accurate bolt action I had was a very expensive Kimber, It would shoot 16 different ammo brands with superb results averaging .375" for five shots. I sold that in favor of keeping my Charles Daly Zastava import which shoots fewer ammo brands but with similar results. In fact the Charles Daly Zastava import became the Remington model 5- but I had no use for that one that I tried. My present 22 rifle will make a single hole at two distances, and the farther shots are still well within the hit zone.
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