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^^^ This.

You should have a headspace gauge, like the Hornady. Verifies shoulder bump when FL sizing (about .002).

SOLID contact between the shellplate and die is critical. When I first started reloading, I could not get the bump in my first try with our .223. I was about ready to have the die sent back to Hornady to be ground, when someone on another forum suggested I go 1/4- 1/2 PAST contact between the shellplate and die.

Raise the plate, screw the die down until it contacts the plate. Lower the plate. Go 1/4 turn MORE on the die. Now, cam the press over. It should cam over hard. This removes all play and resolves most issues like this, unless there is a problem with the die itself.

If you're having problems with hard extraction after firing- you could be having pressure issues- be careful.

If that's the case, how hot are your loads?
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