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Reloads stick in chamber

I'm a new reloader. So far I love it and find it so relaxing (most of the time) I recently reloaded two batches of .223. I used the Lee Deluxe die set plus FC die. I trimmed all brass to 1.75" and loaded 55 FMJ to an OAL of 2.25. After the first batch I discovered they were sticking in the chamber when I tried to manually extract them and it required quite a bit of extra force to extract them. I also discovered after a couple times loading they would eject much easier. I read around and found that it could be either my seating die or my resizing die. I dropped a resized case in and it went in and extracted fine. I adjusted my reseating die and loaded another batch. This batch extracted somewhat easier, but still took extra force. After the first time a round was chambered though it would extract perfectly normally. Also, even rounds that I did not use the FC die on have this problem.

I have a few questions based on this:

1) Are these rounds safe to shoot or will they damage the firearm and/or have case failure? I expect I will have to use the charging handle quite a bit if I do.

2) What is the likely cause of this?

2) Is it in any way damaging to the rifle (an LWRC Piston AR15) to chamber empy cases or single load the rifle? I assume not based on the way it loads but thought I'd double-check.

Thanks everyone for their time and responses.
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