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Help with Derringer type gun

I have a small gun that was bought by my grandmother. The story is that my grandfather was gone working on the railroad a lot, during the 19-teens and early 20's, and my grandmother was alone with four children. She bought this small gun, which I know is called a four-shot "pepperbox". It is stamped with the name "Uberti" on one side, and "Hawes" on the top of the barrel. The serial number is only a four-digit number. I would like to know more about the company and this gun, but the only "Uberti" I've found online started his business in 1959, long after my grandmother would have even had a use for such a weapon! Also, I was 12 years old in 1959, and my grandmother was an old lady living with us. I would have remembered if our family (who used any guns minimally) had purchased it.
Anyone have any further information? I am confused because I am sure this gun is very old. Please email me directly, at and my name above, or reply via this forum, and I'll check back periodically.
Thanks all...
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