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I'm a handgun hunter and for the last 15 or so years all my ammo has been either 240 gr LSWC, (my favorite), or 240 gr SJHP and my Ruger Super Blackhawk is dialed in for 100 yards. I prefer 60 and under but it will do the trick at 100. I recently acquired some 300 gr double tap that I will try, I already know it's pretty accurate and no harder to shoot than the 240 gr stuff but I suspect I'd better keep that load under 60 yards because of it's reduced velocity.

I'm with Big P, if it says 44 mag on the box it will work, especially out of your Rossi 92. Buddy of mine took his only black bear with a Marlin 94 at about 20 yards and dead is dead. He used the same ammo I do the 240 gr SJHP in both his rifle and revolver. If it will take a cape buffalo it will certainly take a deer.
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