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Savage 64f bolt assembly problem.

Hey all been awhile but I'm currently back in Oregon from my station in Florida. I went shooting at brown's and it was really dirty. I cleaned up after myself and others just to help out. But my main question is my Savage 64f (.22lr) kept jamming and just not firing shell would load and the trigger would pull but no strike. I came home and disassembled it and in the video I watched to do it he said that the "striker guide rod" ,is the best way to describe what it is, he stated that it was machine pressed into the bolt assem. wasn't supposed to move but upon cleaning mine it came out with out any pulling or force it fell loose. I pushed it back in but it came right back out. Is there anything I can do my self. I didnt want to use a rubber mallet yet before consulting others with more experience.

Sorry for the run on but it needed to be a little long winded and detailed to explain what the problem is.


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