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I'm in the 'shoot it, then decide' school also. I would absolutely rather not be using a shotgun setup I had not fired, and at least run until it was hot, for real world defense myself. YMMV of course.

A MOD choke barrel is apt to open up patterns with FliteControl loads at least to some degree. That particular barrel is a steal of a deal IMHO, when they can be found (Midway has 'em in their current flier, IIRC) and it works generally well with a lot of the 'big name' standard (not premium) buckshot loads. One of those barrels works very well with my limited stock of the classic old Estate SWAT buckshot load, which is no longer manufactured after the company was sold to ATK/Federal. But every shotgun barrel is pretty much a law unto itself, and there's no way of knowing how a given barrel will pattern - or even how reliable it's likely to be - without shooting it.
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