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Please keep in mind I'm just interested in this Buck-N-Ball load and only started this thread to discuss it. I sure don't mean to stir up any animosity or make anyone think I'm trying to justify using it exclusively for HD.
Your shotgun, especially being "un-proven" to you, is all the more reason NOT to stuff it full of the B-and-B. Simply cause you don't yet know the POI with any load.
I wouldn't want to be slinging slugs or B-and-B with their penetrating characteristics out of any shotgun I haven't shot enough to know how the load is going to react.

Other than the Buck-N-Ball load, which I chose, what would you load an "unproven" shotgun with in a pinch? Let's just say for fun it's your only gun and you need to run something. What would you choose and why?
Given your above scenario of picking up an 'unproven' shotgun, if I had to load it with something in an emergency situation and considering it was a set-up like yours(mod.choke/18.5"bbl), I'd probably load up with 3 Buck for SD distance....
....Again, since I didn't know for sure the POI, I'd be concerned about over-penetration or missing my intended target using the B-and-B or slug and the heavier projectiles traveling into my neighbors house.

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