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Okay, let's go there.

Other than the Buck-N-Ball load, which I chose, what would you load an "unproven" shotgun with in a pinch? Let's just say for fun it's your only gun and you need to run something. What would you choose and why?

To be realistic, I like the idea of that Federal LE Tactical 00 Buck with the Flightcontrol wad. I think out of an "unproven" gun that would probably have a high probability of patterning well. I've been told years ago at a shotgun class I took at Ben Avery in Phoenix that wad technology was so advanced now that choke selection didn't matter nearly as much as it did in time passed.

Please keep in mind I'm just interested in this Buck-N-Ball load and only started this thread to discuss it. I sure don't mean to stir up any animosity or make anyone think I'm trying to justify using it exclusively for HD.

In the end I will load up with 00 Buck as I almost always have. I like the thought of 1 Buck or even 4 Buck, but 00 Buck is so much easier to find I like to find a 00 Buck round that patterns well and that is always pretty easy to come across. Both for economy of cost for practice and for high-probability of procurement in a crisis situation.
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