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.17 HMR is my go-to property gun.
I have felled numerous raccoons, ground-hawgs, skunks, possums, feral cats,... and even coyotes.

I wished we had had these things forty years ago.

Now I bought this Savage 93R17, with a basic Bushnell 3x9 "weather-proof" scope, from a good buddy of mine on another forum, whom was doing ballistic testing. The gun and scope came with ammo. I used up the Win and Fed loadings similar to Hornady .17 gr V-max. I "may" have fired a few rounds of the 20 grainers in FMJ and "gamepoint".

Another buddy of mine, forum member, also uses a 17 HMR, and it was him and some other forum folks ( I should know better by now about asking whether I need to buy a gun...<sigh>
My buddy 25 minutes South of me, uses nothing but Hornady .17 gr V-Max.

Meaning, I also have chosen to stay with this loading. Granted I did well with the Fed variation, as I got one heck of a deal on a couple of boxes for $7 and $8 respectively.

Also, my experience ( and Lady Luck showing up) says this chambering is the bees knees when using a Hav-a-Hart live trap.
Too lazy to get one of the 55 gal drums out of one of the barns...and fill with water...
I can, and do, use the .17 HMR to...err..."dispatch" a critter in the Live Trap.
I have yet to shoot the trap, do any damage to it, and the critter is DRT.

I set the trap out, near the road, as I do not have a safe shot, or in one of the barns.
[With all the farm tractors and machinery, and I KNOW how much damage groundhawgs can do to said...]

Serious property duty business, and the .17 HMR has filled a niche for me.

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