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Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
. . .and this is the problem with email. It rarely works to here a light hearted comment in text, but on the phone, likely we would have all thought it was fine.

I'm not sure about the details of your order, but often gun makers have higher finish costs, even if only doing half. They did hear you and quote you. Now you don't like the quote and want to chip away at the message.

Once an email is misunderstood, a phone call would be best.

As for throwing this out there and getting a bunch of people to rag on their CS, why bother. You ought to be thrilled you emailed and received a response from an American.
You may can make an argument about the lipstick comment being misunderstood in email (although I do not) I don't think you can make the same claim on the "quote" comment. That was a smart**s comment, even if spoken.

As far as this getting passed around it absolutely needs to. I have worked in customer service my whole life and I am amazed at this email.

The company needs to know about this. If the company does not care then the consumers need to know.

I for one will not consider one of their firearms until I see how the company higher ups respond to this.
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