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this is where I'm having all the trouble trying to figure out what it's worth.
gibbs and whatever the AIM A4 repros are are built on A3 receivers and use modified A3 bolts and reproduction barrels while mine is all original(although I haven't checked to see if the barrel is parked under the front sight post). I don't have the proper stock style but neither does the AIM(unless the A4s were made with the scant style as well as C style) and to my knowledge the gibbs rifles are reproduction stocks while mine will be authentic(I ordered a c style this morning). I'm not certain but I believe the bayonet lug and floor plate are smith corona and I decided to go with modern style redfield rings and scope instead of the reproduction scopes that from all accounts are just plain awful.

I need to get a new camera and have some of the more experienced springfield guys give it a proper appraisal. I'm fairly certain that it has to have a little more value than a gibbs or AIM special though I am also sure that it probably wont fetch 4 grand either.
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