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17 hmr on woodchucks, possums, raccoons

After some decent experience over time with the 17hmr I have been very disappointed with forward torso hits on animals of these sizes. When ever I aim for the head they go down instantly. I would say up to 50 percent of upper torso shots I have made on animals of this size have resulted in them getting away, sometimes leaving a huge bloody mess of fat and fur as if the bullet exploded before penetrating.

I remember one of the first times I used a 17hmr and took shots at some grackles. feathers flew but only a few actually died. When I use a 22 rifle almost all hits on birds result in quick kills.

I feel kind of guilty using the gun for any hunting unless I can make a head shot.

before I used hornady vmax. After research I switched to the tnt hollowpoints because I was told they would hold together better. no improvement.

I suppose the first step is for the designer and manufacturers of the cartridge to acknowledge they made some mistakes. Than perhaps they could rectify them. Rifling twist would be the biggest concern for the firearm manufacturers as the bullet needs to be a bit bigger. Perhaps the 25 grain range.

Or maybe they could have saved a lot of money on Research and development and just resurrected the 5mm rimfire.
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