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Saving for an Upgrade: Which Progressive Press?


Hey everyone!
I have become very comfortable with my Lee deluxe Turret but I am really looking to increase production (and probably increase quality). However, I'm having trouble deciding which press to aim for.

I want one that is of good-exceptional quality: So Hornady, RCBS, Dillion are mainly what I'm looking at.
I would also prefer one that could use my current lee dies with little or no issue. I plan on upgrading but can't afford that AND a new press.
I want one that has lots of goodies available for it like automatic case and bullet feeders and nice things like that, I don't plan on getting those off the bat but I WILL get them eventually.

Now here's the main set of sticking points that I have run into:

1. I use lead boolits almost exclusively and would prefer a press with a bullet feeder that is compatible with lead boolits out of the box. I bring this up because I REALLY like the Hornady lock n load progressive, but the bullet feeder wont work with lead boolits without heavy modification (or so says the manual and some other forum postings I've found)

2. This brings me to my second sticking point. I like Lee and so far have been impressed with their products and price points but I've read some pretty bad reviews about the lee pro 1000(which would be the one I would want if I went lee). But at $180, coming with the pro powder drop, the case feeder and the bullet feeder not being too expensive, I'm almost willing to take the risk, ESPECIALLY since, the bullet feeder is compatible with boolits!

So guys and gals, Give me your thoughts! Any suggestions? Reviews? Something else to look at? I appreciate anything you can tell me!

Want to move to progressive press. Want high quality that works with current lee dies and that has bullet feeder and case feeder available but need the bullet feeder to be compatible with lead boolits out of the box. I like Lee presses, looking at the pro 1000 as well, Thoughts? Criticisms?

Thanks Appreciate the Help!!!
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