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Here's my main point in using buck-n-ball right now. It's a new barrel and I haven't got to pattern it or shoot any slugs through it yet.

My reasoning is that up-close even if the shot doesn't pattern for crap (severe stringing, etc) I have that big slug coming right up the middle no matter what.

At farther range, if the slug happens to be wildly inaccurate out of my barrel at least I have those 3 insurance pellets.

Heh, in all honesty I'm not expecting any trouble and I live in a nice boring rural area so this whole debate is pretty moot. This new barrel has a fixed modified choke so I expect it will pattern buckshot pretty well. Once I get it setup for 00 Buck I'll just stick with that as I always have. I have a sidesaddle I could carry some slugs in, but I'm not really fond of sidesaddles.

I think for HD it's unlikely I'd ever need a slug so immediately that I couldn't afford the time to grab a bandoleer of them. If I was leaving the house for any reason I would want more ammo than just what's in/on the weapon anyway.

I'm most likely going out to test fire about 5 or 6 different brands/types of ammo this weekend. I want to see what it patterns best for buckshot and what slugs group the best from this barrel. And also make sure the sights are dialed in pretty well. I'm not sure where to zero the sights to as far as the slugs are concerned, but as long as I'm in a 6" kill zone at 50 yards I think I'll live with it.
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