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Let me Clarify...

My intent is to make people aware of the companies attitude towards perspective customers. Not to get people to "rag on their CS"

I am wanting to purchase a product. I have the funds available and ready NOW, not saving up, not calling to see if I want it but to make a purchase. I'm not begging them to let me give them my money.

I did not get a Quote for what I asked. IF I would have gotten an answer with some kind, any kind of explanation why it cost the same to coat LES THAN half the gun as it does to coat the entire thing (as I said, custom job, man hours, it rained on a Tuesday when the moon was full, whatever) I may have still purchased it. I got a GUESS, "I believe it would be..."

The comments he made were obviously intentional and (as even more as he is a VP) unwarranted. He, as an officer in a company, should be aware or his communications.

Details of my order are clearly stated in the e-mail, nothing left to question. And the fact of the Matter is THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS.

The point of sharing this with the forum is so people are aware of the companies practices, whether they be common or a 1 in 100, as it was said.
They are trying (or not really) to earn my business, to earn by his GUESS $1,549 worth of my business. I have the money now, it's not that I just have money to toss away, or that I have it easy, or that I'm making money hand over fist, I earned my money, I worked for it, HE SHOULD WORK TO EARN IT FROM ME TOO.

As I said, If this is how they act when trying to get your money, how will they be once they have it?
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