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Just this past Sunday morning,,,

I had a guy shooting next to me with a Glock in .40,,,
I was popping away with my model 18 in .22 LR,,,
Then I changed up to my Model 15 in .38.

He asked what I just fired and I said .38 Special,,,
His snarky comment was, "I guess it's better than .22".

He was shooting a man sized silhouette and his shots were all over the place,,,
I fired and knocked over five 20-ounce water bottler with five shots

My reply was "Yep, especially when I hit what I aim for".

But seriously now,,,
We Americans have always believed that bigger is better,,,
It's a fallacy we embraced and grew to love right after we finished with World War Two.

Modern designs have replaced the ineffective lead round nose bullet,,,
Load up with HP's, SWCFP's, or even just wad-cutters,,,
The .38 special will do the job very nicely.


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