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And the reason Uncle Sammie went with the .45ACP was because the .38 couldn't get the job done.
Do you have a source for that? Last time I checked, Uncle Sam was issuing .38's to pilots until the middle of the 1980's.

the ammo of the day guaranteed that unless you got the BG with the first shot, you wouldn't get him with the remaining 5.
Also inaccurate. While some officers did have trouble with the recoil of .357 loadings, that's a training issue, not the fault of the load. Furthermore, few departments actually issued .357 Magnum loads for general field use. Most officers, even on the federal level, carried .38's, even if the gun was chambered for .357.

The .38 isn't a barn-burner. It's not much of a hunting load for things over 80lbs or so. Those are its deficiencies.

Its merits are that it's accurate, easy to control, and very effective with modern loadings. It certainly has its place, even among newer developments.
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