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Another question to go along with Rob's, (no hijack intended, it's in the same spirit of the original post):

How many folks actually keep an IFAK/BOK with their range gear, just in case someone has a blow out? If you do, are you trained to use everything in the kit?

I know I've been overly lax about carrying a kit with me, and need to do a better job of it.

These days, with cell phones everywhere, holler at someone to call 911.
That brings up another good point. When I did my Red Cross first aid training, the instructor made an excellent point about that:

People generally don't want to get involved unless they are "put on the spot," so to speak. If you need to get someone else to call 911 for you, don't just yell "someone call 911," because there's a good chance no one will call, because everyone is thinking someone else will do it. Tell one person, specifically, to call, and make sure they are able to pass along the pertinent info. Make eye contact, and be sure they know you are talking to them specifically.

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