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My standared answer, whenever this discussion comes up, is to quote my first firearms instructor when I went on the job. My duty gun was a Smith Mod. 10, bull barrel, in .38 Spl.
In his first lecture to us at the range, he explained that there are more powerful guns out there, and some day we might have to face one of them in the hands of someone out to do us harm. He then came out with the following statement, which I have remembered to this day.
He said,
"If you doubt the ability of the service load to protect you, it is relatively easy to double its stopping power. All you have to do is pull the trigger again. If your life is on the line, never rely on just one shot."
I have never had any problem with carrying a .38Spl., and I worked in some of the toughest neighborhoods, in one of the toughest citys in the world.
I still carry a .38 Spl. (642) on a daily basis, and do not feel, in any way, that I am, or have ever been, undergunned.
Just my opinion.
God Bless America

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