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Hey Steve,

Those would be from a Lee C452-300gr RF 6 cavity mold. I got started pouring them to feed the appetite of my Raging Bull. It got to the point it was simply not economical for me to purchase commercial poured.

They are poured with straight WW alloy and average about 12.5-13 BHN on my Cabine Tree tester. I have played with a couple of different lubes, but have found that tumble lubing with the 45/45/10 or Recluse mix has done all I needed up to 1700fps with them. I don't usually shoot them that fast with 1550fps being the normal load, but I ran them up there just to see how they shot. Little to no leading and good groups, but painful to run more than 40-50 through in a sitting.

I have started to play with dropping the load down a bit more into the 1350'ish range, but haven't settled on anything just yet. I do know for a fact that at 1550, they work well on hogs and deer.
Mike / TX
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