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Cheapshooter: Pardon my speech in case you are now quite familiar with this.

About two years ago I stumbled onto a website for a British/Euro arms control association.
That group apparently has used some of their tax Euros/Pounds to destroy huge heaps of AKs etc and ammo, to try to prevent access by Third World (mostly African) war lords.
Imagine the high profile of child soldiers after the movie Blood Diamonds etc came out, the broadcasts of kids used in the Liberian fighting and so on.

An Aussie member of Gunboards stated about two years ago that his friend in South Africa walked into a gun shop and saw a terrible sight.
S.A. was just the latest in a series of countries to accept western govts' money for ordering the destruction of milsurp rifles-but these were Brens and obsolete bolt-action Enfields!He witnessed this senseless waste.

I've never found that same Brit/Euro website again, but reportedly there are lots of international arms control groups.
CA Senator Dianne Feinstein is one of the main promotors of UN-sanctioned small arms destruction (our tax dollars at work). Look up the UN Small Arms Treaty.
They don't understand the difference between an AK, a Mauser, an Enfield etc.
The CMP and regular importers apparently will never again have access to "foreign" M-1 Carbines, due to the magazine capacity.

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