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I was in Law Enforcement for 17 years off and on. I carried a revolver most of that time. I never felt under gunned with a revolver, or I would have carried something else. I carried a S&W Model 28 loaded with 357 Magnum to start with, and a 4" 610 10mm with Full House Corbon last. All my gunfights were with deer hit by vehicles and one mean dog.

I personally think the change to semi autos was more driven by the perceived need to be better armed, than it was a true need. You have a high round count gun fight now and again, like the North Holywood Bank Robbery, and the Miami FBI Shoot Out. In both of these situations a Patrol Carbine was needed, and not a Hi Cap auto.

I would guarantee in most situations where a Hi Cap semi auto pistol is better than a revolver, the officer would really rather have an AR15 at his disposal.

I am now retired and have a Concealed Carry permit, and I carry almost daily. I carry an 442 Pro Moonclip Airweight J Frame 38 Special quite often. In it 125 Grain +P is a handful for me, and I shoot a lot. I would guess that a 340 M&P with 135 Short Barrel 357 would be about my limit of enjoyment.
The 135 Short Barrel 357 shot in an LCR-357 is plenty serious, but doable.

I also have a 2-1/2" and a 3" Model 66. Both are very shootable platforms.

My most shot 38 would be my Model 64-2 SSR Gun. A 158 RN over 4.7 grains of Unique is a very accurate and shootable load for IDPA Silhouettes as well as Steel.
My 686-5 is a work or art. I cannot imagine a 357 any better.

As was mentioned several times above. A 4" K Frame loaded with Full Power 158 grain 38 Special HP ammo is about all the recoil the average shooter can control well. That being 30 years ago Full Power ammo, which is probably 100 fps faster than today. For me a 13/65 or a 19/66 loaded with Full House 158 grain 357 Magnum is no fun to shoot at all. I can shoot it, and I can hit with it, but it is no fun to shoot at all.

I have worked with several Lady shooters over the years. I have gotten every one to shoot a 4" K or L frame with standard 38 Special accurately without much effort.

We have a Lady Shooter who shoots at the range almost every week with a 9mm. I had the Plate Rack set up for some BSA vendors a while back. I was taking everything down when the lady shooter showed up. I asker her if she wanted to try the plate rack while I had it out. She made a couple runs with her 9mm. I let her try my 4" HB Model 64 a couple runs. She shot it much more accurately than her 9mm. You can take it to the bank, she would be better armed with a 3" Model 65 LadySmith.

We took the daughter-in-law to the range a while back with a large assortment of handguns for her to try out, and see what she liked best. She shot something like 12 handguns. What did she like,and shoot the best. My 4" HB Model 64 that has been worked on my Ron Power.
The youngest Son got her an as new 4" HB Model 64-1, and I had Ron Power make it perfect. She now has a 4" K Frame Swiss Watch for a House Gun. And a couple Safariland Comp III Speedloaders incase 6 is not enough.

I have been on the Board at the Gun Club for 31 years. I see and work with lots of shooters. I always recommend a 4" K or L Frame revolver for Lady Shooters for a house gun. Same goes for new Men Shooters.
A DA Revolver is much easier to operate than a semi auto.
Nothing to worry about to make it work, just pull the trigger. A very simple safety, take your finger off the trigger. It will go bang 6 times without fail. It won't short cycle if you limp wrist it. Easy to load and unload. Normally more accurate than an average semi auto.
Did I mention 38 Shotshells for snakes?

I have a 45 acp Revolver, and a couple that shoot 40 S&W and 10mm. I have a couple that shoot 22 ammo for practice. I have 6 that shoot either 38 Special or 357 Magnum. You have to love those 38's.


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