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I read this thread hoping someone had some actual experences with the round. Since shootin 2 legged vermin seldom actually happens, the shooting of game animals will surfice. Only one person mentioned they actually shot anything breathing with a 38 special, and that was small game. When I was a deer and elk guide I would test out handgun bullets in recently dead animals. I recorded most of these results but lost most in my move. Last year I used a 2" model 36 using Cor-Bon 110 grn DPX bullets on an antelope that had died minutes before. I always shoot behind the last rib and angle the shot for the off shoulder, thus maximizing penatration and replicating torso shots. The 2 shots I took penatrated the entire lung cavity at it deepest point and the bullets were recovered deep in the meat of the off shoulder after penatrating the shoulder blade. Just one test. Anyone else with big game experence?
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