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My only problem with women only classes is that men-only classes are claimed to be sexist, but that women only classes are to meet certain needs and that some of those that claim men-only classes are sexist will claim women-only classes are not. The worst thing I had happen in a mixed class is that my wife out shot me on one of the final drills and my buddies gave me grief over tha for quite a while until I pointed out how my wife could out shoot all their wives.

It is good to know your spouse is competent and acccomplished.

Therefore training should be different. John Farnam ,a top instructor, has an instructor wife Vicki.She and another woman have written a book about how and why of teaching women to shoot. If you're going to train women you should read the book.
LOL, I hope Vicky and the other author are smarter than Farnum. Once he stated that things beyond 21m were out of pistol range, his credibility dropped significantly for me.

Not only would segregated classes by sex potentially be better overall for everyone involved, but so too should considerations such as age. One of the Dallas Ranges had gun classes for the elderly for a while which I thought was a neat idea. They work with some of the physical limitations that come with advanced age and coping with them for shooting, being weaker, slower, having eyesight issues, etc. that seem to compound as folks age.
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