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One question though... What is meant when you say you "tap" the slide on a malfunction?
Make sure you aren't confusing this with Tap/Rack/Bang drill.

Generally the best thing to do when you have a failure to feed for any reason is to:

Tap (or smack) the bottom of the magazine.
Rack the slide again to get a fresh round in the chamber.
Bang (pull the trigger).

If this doesn't work, swap magazines then Tap/Rack.

If still no Bang, hopefully you have a backup gun or back up friends with guns.

Or, you can also throw the gun at them and run away.

When training shooters though, slide release is where it is at
I think it also depends on the gun.

Glocks slide stop doesn't work very well as a slide release and does require some "fine motor skills" unless you go with the extended release.

Other guns, particularly smaller pocket guns, may not have one at all. (My NAA Guardian .32 ACP doesn't, nor did the old PPK I used to have.)

I train to just rack the slide. It is slower, but for me it is more sure. That and being part of the lowest common denominator means I can spend less time training.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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