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If all human behavior stems from either love, or fear, I wonder what motivates 'Mayor-Nanny Bloomers'. Perhaps it is that someday the dwindling middle class will become poor and devalued enough to take up arms against the rich and oppressive. Guns, like any tool, are hardly a social problem. Now people's attitudes and behavior certainly can be. 'Mayor-Nanny Bloomers' seems educated enough to grasp that, so what is really motivating him ? The helicopter pad he used that was closed to the general public offers me an indication.

Somehow the RKBA group needs to mitigate the fear that guns seem to generate and be exploited by those opposed to the RKBA. Examples of firearms being used to save a life, or provide family security are as good as it gets. The NRA seems to recognize this.

Share some stories that appear in your local news about such situations whenever they occur. It never hurts to repeat these stories to you local media when you hear them.

When the number of people in institutions reaches 51%, we change sides.

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