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The .38 Special can be a fun plinking round and I would not want to get shot with one.

It does not do well at stopping drug-crazed Phillipino Moros. Hence, the M1911 in .45ACP.

Edit: Was just thinking about my SA XD9 Service. Maybe some 9mm loads have comparable ballistics to some .38 Spl loadings. But even if I had to deal out 3 shot "Mozambiques" with a 9mm I could theoretically take out 5 attackers to a .38 Spl's 1 attacker (and some change). I see value in a lightweight .38 Spl to carry when you don't want to carry your main gun, but if I only have 5 or 6 shots let them be .357 Magnum so I don't need 3 shot kills. That is why I carried a S&W 686 4" for many years. Maybe too heavy or large for some, but it worked for me when it had to.
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