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I'm an old trauma nurse. 20+ yrs experience, who knows how many gsw's I've seen. The guy on the video was (if you'll forgive the pun) right on target. The people he talked to knew what they were doing.

Some points to make clear. A tourniquet is for one thing, to save a life that would bleed away without it. It is a dangerous tool and and should be used knowing that cutting off the circulation could cause loss of limb. Is it a choice between losing the limb and death should be your question. Thats a very tough call for a panicing amatuer. Getting professional help ASAP should be your highest priority.

Check how much blood he is actually losing! I can't emphasize this enough. As someone who has had to draw blood out of foot veins at 3AM these are TINY blood vessels (there were only three or four of us who would even try to put a needle in these things). Just in case you were curious long time drug users quite often ruined every other vein and this was a last ditch thing. He might very well have only hit small vessels and just be oozing blood. On the other hand if you hit them right hands and feet bleed profusely. Don't fly off the handle until you know!
+1 on the video, good advice, would love to see it involved in firearms training programs.
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